October 15, 2016 Patrick

What is Yeast Infection?

Yeast Infection is when candida albicans bacterium leak from the large intestine into the small intestine through the Ileocecal Valve.

illeocecal valve

There are many reasons for yeast infection in women and also yeast infection in men. In our modern times yeast infection in women are more prevalent than before. Though there are many causes one cause may be due to the ‘pill’ and or ingesting medication pills over long periods of time. Drug medication side effects do reduce your natural intestinal flora creating a small intestine stress. Over a period of time this weakens the Ileocecal Valve.   These Candida albicans are bacteria that actually live in the large intestine organ. They have a very specific job to do in breaking down faecal matter. They are usually referred to as the ‘bad guys’ yet they do a very important job keeping your bowels on the move. However one of the most overlooked causes of candida yeast commonly known as candida albicans is internal stress.

Yeast Infection in Women

There are four valves in your digestive tract. The first valve is at the end of the esophagus allowing chewed up swallowed food into your stomach for digestions. Second valve known as the pyloric valve allows the broken down proteins and carbohydrates from your stomach to pass through the duodenum. From here the digestive fluids work their way through the small intestine doing its thing passing nutrients into the bloodstream. At the end of the small intestine there is the third valve known as the ileocecal valve. The forth valve is the Houston Valve which leads into the colon.

What Causes Yeast Infection the Ileocecal Valve

The left over matter from the small intestine works its way into the large intestine through this ileocecal valve. It is the ileocecal valve that becomes very sensitive to emotional mental negative charged energies. Most people and their health carers see the digestive tract and digestive system only as a food distributing mechanism.

However the digestive tract works on another level. Your thoughts and feelings which are mental and emotional also have to be digestive and processed. You see when food is in the stomach it has to be churned (peristalsis). This happens all the way through the small intestine helping the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is called assimilating on one level and integrating on the other level. With trauma experiences your emotions and mental also have to be churned over, integrated so you move can on. This is called the ‘churning and discerning’. The idea is to be able to tap into the intellect to decipher the good thoughts and emotions from so good thoughts and emotions and experiences. In the ideal world you let go what is not supportive and retain the wisdom of the good.

How Long Does a Yeast Infection Last

A yeast infection will hang around until you have learnt how to resolve your issues.

What happens when we as humans are ignorant of this process? All sorts of undigested emotional mental experiences keep going over and over and over in the mind. Mentally unable to connect with the intellect, the mind doesn’t get the wisdom (learning) out of the experience. When there is a constant churning of unresolved experiences emotionally mentally this intends to bring in unresolved fears of the past. When the mind continually goes over these unresolved mental emotional experiences and cannot put them to rest this is what eventually brings on anxiety.

With anxiety there is more activity in the adrenals. There is great pressure on the ileocecal valve from these unresolved past experiences and fears. Some of these old fears you may not consciously remember. The body is now locked in the fight flight process constantly and the neurology of this system becomes confused and disorganized. In other words you blow a brain fuse in hypothalamus corpus colosseum area and your neurology wants to stop, rest and resolve.

You can locate the ileocecal valve quite easily. It is positioned halfway between the naval and the right hip bone. If you have candida albicans overgrowth and you press on the ileocecal valve it may be quite tender. Lots of people go on candida diets for extended times. Twelve months or so and when they come off the candida diet there candida yeast problems return.

Yeast Infection Cure

One of the most effective ways to rid your-self of candida yeast overgrowth is to find the underlying emotions that are putting pressure on the digestive tract and ileocecal valve. This is where the modality of kinesiology is in the forefront of clearing yeast infection. There will be an associated meridian to the emotion that has to be located. Each meridian that flows through your body has an emotion and mental component. This experience may have happened many years past. When the time-frame is identified to the event situation or experience and released, the ileocecal valve can start doing its job effectively as intended by nature.

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