February 24, 2016 Patrick

Stress Prevention Using A New Method Of Dealing With Stress

Stress prevention using a new method of dealing with stress and how to manage stress is now being launched by Stress To Vitality Training. This new approach teaching you how to release stress in the privacy of your home is what many people are looking for. Most stress prevention methods are very passive and are what I call ‘a surface approach’ and don’t really get to the core issues. This is fine and may suit some people. What I am finding is that there are many people who want to know ‘how and when’ these stressful problems got started in the first place and want a permanent solution.

New Way Of Dealing With Stress For Stress Prevention                                                    

Signs of AnxietyThere is an exciting new way of dealing with stress for when you have gone through the process you are full of energy and you know something has changed within you. What most experts don’t know is that when you are going through anxiety and panic attacks or symptoms of depression and anxiety or some other severe stress it reduces your brain capacity and function. Also what is little known is that your meridian channels are drained of energy to a greater extent and this leaves your overall well-being on the decline. This meridian energy is your electrical charge and you need to know when it is in decline and also you need to know how to recharge your power supply for the best way of dealing with stress.

How To Manage Stress

Once you know how to recharge your meridian channels then how to manage stress is so easy. When your internal energy systems are recharged your whole outlook on life changes, your positivity naturally increases and you find yourself getting along with yourself and others with less judgement. There is a part of the human brain function in the corpus colosseum and part of its function is to exchange information from one side of your brain to the other. When you are experiencing long term stress or even stressful situations in the here and now the ability for this nerve energy cross over in the corpus colosseum is somewhat reduced. This puts even more stress on your internal self and other organs. It is so important to know how to manage stress in your life and environment and have something at your fingertips to deal with each and every situation that happens to come your way.

Coping With Stressful Situations

If you are just coping with stressful situations causing you anxiety then the Stress To Vitality Training is a preferred way to balance your brain so that it functions better, especially in tensed and challenging situations. Natural stress relief is possible to achieve through the internal and external understanding of energy movement throughout the body using your meridians as an energy transference point. This is the best way to experience stress prevention long term, this is something that is unique and solves many difficulties so get on board now.

Energy Meridians Of The Body


I mentioned your meridians; you have fourteen meridians flowing through out your body. Two meridians are called vessels as there are only one each of these. With the other meridians they come in pairs, six flow in an upward direction and six flow in a downward direction. These meridians carry your life force and are very, very, sensitive to disruption regarding the information coming in to your mind and brain through your five senses as well as your thoughts and feelings.

Any reaction from your outside world or your inner world via your thoughts and feelings immediately disrupts the energy flow of these meridians causing what is known as ‘Over Energy’ to one or more of your meridians. This leaves a kind of a vacuum of ‘Under Energy’ in the rest of your meridians and so vital organs including your brain are in an under energy supply. As you are operating in ‘Survival Mode’ your ‘fight/flight neurology is activated, so is your Adrenalin. This compounds with living in a stressful environment. The best way to break this cycle is stress prevention by understanding your meridians and learning how to bring your meridians back into balance. To learn more Go to FREE TIPS.