September 19, 2015 Patrick

Purpose Motivation

With increased vitality flowing through all areas of body mind and organs, purpose motivation productivity naturally arises. Amazing ideas come to the front-brain because you are now living there in uncluttered space.

Motivation & EmotionMy purpose is to help as many people as I can to ‘unclutter’ their mind and emotions so they learn what their purpose is, to uplift people. And for them to find out what is really inside of them that give that ‘feel good feeling’ about themselves. For them to realize they can achieve their life goals and to help them realize that they ‘do matter’ and they can do whatever they put their mind to with purpose motivation positive direction. So what makes you passionate, think about it for a while and then pursue it.
With purpose it has to be bigger than yourself, it needs to be something that others will derive benefit, be it a service or product and you will also be benefited by this good action

Write down your goals and ideas

If your passion is a sport or a craft, explore ways to make it profitable, it is easy to research now with soo much information available online, who is it that can benefit from your goals and ideas. Write down your goals and ideas. This is the first stage of manifestation as you are taking your ideas from your head and materializing them onto paper. You are using your eyes for seeing, hand for action and if speaking, ears for hearing and your heart for feeling, you are involving all of your five senses. Get all of your senses involved this is what makes the magic happen, be consciously aware. Only share your goals and ideas with people that support you and only if that is necessary. Keep thinking about your goals and ideas and take some action towards achieving a target every day.

Purpose gets you motivated

Purpose gets you motivated and when you throw in a handful of optimism things begin to happen.

As you will discover that by doing this ‘stress to vitality training’ you will increase your ‘prana’ intake into your body nervous system and lungs and blood, and this supports life as this is your universal life force energy.

Universal Life Force

This universal life force is one with positive power thinking, they go together, the more you + - Yin Yangthink positive the more ‘prana’ is drawn into you and the more your brain is integrated between right and left hemisphere. With an integrated right and left hemisphere and an increase of ‘prana’ flowing through your meridians this supports you as a healthy being on several levels. There is a meridian that supplies energy to each organ of your body including your brain and this universal life force assists that organ in maintaining proper function. More prana in, the more healthy you are, the equation is simple. To learn more watch these FREE TIPS now!!