How To Boost Your Energy 6 Powerful FREE TIPS

April 23, 2018 Patrick

How To Boost Your Energy is much sort after information in today’s world. Low energy or lacking energy to get through the day is such a wide spread phenomenon all over the world. So these 6 Powerful FREE TIPS are to help you boost your energy.

Most people aim to get an energy boost supplement or two, some use coffee to get extra energy while other go to a gym for strenuous exercises. What they don’t realize is that their nervous system signalling is compromised due to some past experiences and the neuro reflexes are not functioning with any meaningful performance. All these Boost Your Energy 6 Powerful FREE TIPS are on video for you to watch and learn from. There are FREE PDF’s to download as well. Once you have the general idea from watching the videos of how to do these very unique processes, you can follow using the PDF for that TIP.

The first lesson is to teach you how to tone down your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are associated with your leg muscle.

The leg muscles are directly associated with the adrenal system. Any person who has any form of adrenal overload, adrenal exhaustion anything to do with the adrenals will have tight muscles all over the whole body. This is due to fight flight neurology reactivity.

The over tight muscles you will be learning about here are the big toe muscle flexor hallucis longus. The four toe digits flexor brevis muscle and the gastronomic muscle which is the calf muscles and the soleus muscle, these are the priority ones.

Boost Your Energy Adrenal Reset Tight Leg Muscles

All of these tight muscles are directly associated with the adrenal glands. What happens due to stressing times, the spindle cells and propriception cells in the bellies of these muscles get totally out of sync with one and other and with the brain via nervous system.

One type of cell deals with rate of change of the muscle and the other cell deals with speed of change through movement. When these nerve signals are out of sync you are not getting proper brain signals back and forth to the muscle group through the nervous system generally. This causes the muscles to go into a hypertonic state, over tight, sore and a restricted range of movement.

This is actually neurological work you are doing and you are resetting neurology from your brain to your muscles and that’s what makes these tips very unique.

Boost Your Energy Releasing Toxic Feelings and Emotions

The second FREE TIP is to teach you how to release pent-up emotions. When you get emotionally upset over anything your brain and thoughts often times (go into overdrive), go over the issue multiple times and this get you nowhere. Unresolved emotions screw up your nervous system signals. What you need to do is get out of your back brain (instincts) and get in to your fore brain where your reasoning and decision process is, you make better decisions operating from your fore brain.

Boost Your Energy by Clearing Neurological Switching

The third TIP is to balance neurological switching. These are what we call neurological switches and they are very important and very powerful. They are used in very specific applied bio neurology protocols to keep the brain organized. This assists the brain and body to interact better neurologically.

Boost Your Energy by Organizing Your Brain Quadrants

Booste Your Energy

After we do the switches you move on to do another brain organization technique called cross crawl. This is where you will march in one spot. After you feel comfortable with this, you then put your eyes in different quadrants while marching. This is to anchor new movement protocols in ‘body movement’ through time and space in your brain. This can feel a little disorienting at times, however preserve you will be glad you did. This is what a baby has to learn before they can get up and walk. For some people this process is not properly anchored in their brain. No fault of yours, it is how it is. I discovered I was like this and doing this technique sorted me out quickly.

Boost Your Energy By Harmonizing Internal Energy Flow

The fifth FREE TIP that will be available for you is a ‘calming technique’. You sit and cross one leg over the other. You hold your foot in a particular way for some time and this centers your mind and harmonies the body energies. Good before going to bed

Boost Your Energy Doing The Migraine Relief Technique
Boost Your Energy

The last Boost Your Energy technique is a very important tip, one of my favorites. I have done this on hundreds of people experiencing head and neck tension. This is a migraine headache release and relief technique that is very unique and very powerful. I have been doing this for the last 28 years and it is 100% successful.

This helps your right and left hemispheres of your brain to harmonize. The gestalt brain and logic brain has to communicate information and flow energy through the corpus callosum. These are very important polarities residing in your head and they must communicate for you to functioning optimally.

So these are very beneficial tips and they are neurological tips. They are not outside your body tips such as diet or lifestyle tips but inside your body tips to learn and do. You will learn how to boost energy when tired.

Now you can get access to these most rewarding Boost Your Energy 6 Powerful FREE Tips by going to the joining link here. Click on that link, do it. This will take you directly to the tips page and you can add your details to get access to these fabulous stress release tips. Your nervous system will love you for it. This way you can learn how to get energy naturally and how to get energy fast.