Category: How Vitality Works

Vitality flowing through your body is your life force in action. You can increase your life energy flow to bring about amazing changes on all levels of your being reducing your stress levels.

October 5, 2015 Patrick

Stress Issues Disrupts Your Energy Flow When your mind or body is compromised of energy due to some disrupting circumstance, situation, event or stress issues there is often a downward spiral of many biological functions which will lead to structural dysfunction neurologically. This is you losing your energy, does this mean something to you, are…

September 17, 2015 Patrick

What Is Prana: Stress To Vitality Training Prana is the most subtle power of Nature. The ancient sages of India and other Eastern philosophies perceived this Divine Energy of the universe. There perceptions holds true today. It operates only in present time, Omni Present time, in other words non-time, it is beyond time and space….