Patrick Open Neck Shirt_588pxlPatrick has been involved with Kinesiology since 1985. He decided to take up the opportunity to pursue this as a career and became qualified in Kinesiology in 1990 on a professional basis.

Patrick initially being attracted to the ‘healing art’ of Kinesiology in 1985 developed his skills and abilities with trainer Trevor Savage ND and professional coach of kinesiology here in Queensland Australia.

Patrick took up the opportunity to meet and study under the guidance of Dr. Carl Ferreri DC (Chiropractor) from Brooklyn New York City, the developer and teacher of Neural Organization Protocols. Also on His journeys overseas, Patrick involved himself using his kinesiology skills in Malaysia and India to help those in need. Patrick is from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Patrick is a member Kinesiologist with A.I.K. and A.T.M.S. associations.

The training given by Dr. Carl Ferreri gave a much deeper definition of how the body operated neurologically as a complete unit in conjunction with the survival coding. After numerous overseas journeys to India and learning about the deeper Vedic wisdom that explained the subtle energy supply to the nerves, it became apparent a perfect match with the N.O.T. system was about to unfold.

The advancement and understanding of the subtle energy circulation led to the development of the Stress To Vitality Training. There have been many years of research study which led to this absolutely brand-new program on releasing stress by literally shifting your energy, that is making an energy change within.

The “Stress To Vitality Training Program” that has developed has been tested over a period of five years and is meant to be a simple yet profound self-help procedure for you to find a way to release embedded trauma patterns and undesirable tension and anxiety.

Trained as a Hyperton-X coach and having excellent understanding of releasing stress from muscular tissues utilizing a specialized breathing strategy was a beginning factor. Incorporating this with the Vedic wisdom and Chinese understanding of the meridian system dramatic and positive changes were happening with his clients.

The big challenge was how this great idea could be simplified so you can learn easily from the safety of your home and get you great results.

Everything tied right into this specialized breathing strategy that is unique to this program, and with an integrated bio-feedback to let you recognize your progress and development. Stress To Vitality Training was born. I utilized this strategy extensively for a number of years with clientele at my clinic and it functions easily with great results.

As you can understand Patrick teaches you about the meridians that inter penetrate the body and its organs. Also the refined vital energy of the physical body and its fundamental wisdom in a certain process using this specialized stress prevention program called Stress To Vitality Training.

What occurs is that you create energy shifts within you that raise your vital energy flow that supports your meridian channels, in a certain manner plus the assistance of your own body inherent knowledge to accomplish long lasting outcomes, assisting body, mind/spirit and person to be a happier you.

Hypertonic Muscle Release, 1985.
Touch For Health, 1986.
Integrative Kinesiology, 1988.
Anatomy and Physiology, 1989.
Neural Organization Therapy 1991, diploma on completion of four repeats a requirement.
Hyperton-X Instructor Total Mind/Body Integration and Sports Kinesiology 2007
Developer of Stress2Vitality, 2011
Hyperton-X Advanced Total Mind/Body Integration and Sports Kinesiology 2012