• Increases your energy levels and recharges your energry channels clear brain fog induce self healing
  • Increase energy in your nervouse system improve hormonal messaging reduce depresssion, anxiety
  • Calms emotional and mental swings by intergrating brain hemisphere
  • Stress TO Vitality Training Advanced establishes your Neurological Platform
  • Supports Immune System Functionality Allergy and Intolerance clearing Endocrine and Cardiac system support
  • Use it anytime any where be in command clear polarity switching

How to boost my energy how to increase energy in my nervous system

How to increase energy in your nervous system b!y recharging your body meridians increase your chi power, for mental strength and emotional resilience reduce stress anxiety depression with Stress To Vitality Training.


Chi power is universal and is referred to as chi or prana and is present in everything everywhere. There are many health benefits derived from knowing about this ‘vitality for life’. This subtle and all-inclusive powerful essence is stated to be the essential building foundation of all manifestations of creation on the physical as well as non-visible levels. (Sound waves, Gamma rays and so on). This powerful energy comes in to the body via breath, food and the five senses, forming a living thinking organism of many systems working in unison and unity. Various cultures of wise sages have observed that a balanced supply of chi power also known as prana is necessary and essential to sustain and maintain life for all living creatures.

By recognizing this chi flow and its rhythms, a wide array of specific physical exercises and healing doctrines and philosophy grew over the centuries. Body meridians and acupuncture were discovered by the Chinese Seers; Ayurveda came out of India and gave us the understanding of the utilization of prana, the Greek Medicine – Asclepius to Hippocrates laid some foundations to our modern medicine today. The aim was to promote health and wellness, and longevity by increasing the vitality flow throughout all vital systems including the nervous system.


Stress to vitality training grew out of a combination of these ideas and is a very specific protocol that utilizes your chi power to improve your quality of life by improving your chi flow of energy. This is the most subtle of energy flow you have with in you.

You are born with body meridians and the chi energy flow systems. When your Meridian energy and their channels are flowing strong you are naturally positive and have a positive outlook on life with confidence. You take on life’s challenges as they happen in the here and now. It is wise to utilize this GOD given gift.

The more your body meridians and chi energy channels are constricted the more miserable you become, this is how it works and misery feed off misery to a point whereby you become ‘the victim’ and you develop stress depression and anxiety as a result.

There are a myriad of ways your Meridian energy channels can be restricted of chi flow. First there is your environment that you grew up in.

The family dynamics, financial pressures within the family or one family member may have needed more attention than another. Many families suffer the experience of divorce. There may be resentment residue emotionally and mentally to the above experiences or anything that leaves lasting stress.

You may have experienced some form of birth trauma (forceps) or long slow delivery and this has never been connected as a reason for such continuing stress or anxiety.

Much attention is given to birth stress as it is a major factor for congested body meridians and restricts the chi flow energy and that will show up as anxiety in your growing years and develops into depression in the teen years.

Experiencing unanticipated emotional mental shock almost always causes your Meridian energy flow to come to a standstill. This is why lots of people become exhausted after their stressful experience and it is in recovery mode that your meridian energy starts to rebuild in an attempt to bring some form of healing.

Food intolerance is another indication of poor chi energy flow through your Meridian energy channels.


Some of you may be a shallow breather and are not getting sufficient oxygen into the bloodstream and this causes a cascading effect to most of your autonomic systems such as the immune system, and endocrine system, and cardiac system setting up illnesses for the future. It also puts a strain on your mental capacity and higher academic achievement as the brain can be deprived of an adequate oxygen supply.

Prolonged distorted chi flow through the body meridians can put strain on couples in a relationship. Example; thought of jealousy and selfishness disrupts chi energy flow. The way you think is linked to universal consciousness of how you want to ‘be’ and become, it gives you what you think, good or bad, your choice.

Poor body posture such as scoliosis is a major disrupt to your body meridians and muscles especially to one side of your body (high shoulder) and this affects so much of your life drive in all areas physically emotionally and mentally.

Scoliosis is a complete story of its own and can be explained in-depth on my other website.

On top of all that if you had and injury to your physical such as a car accident fall or got punched up, had a concussion or any other physical trauma then you can be sure you have restricted or constricted chi energy movement through your body meridians affecting the nervous system.

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Some of the symptoms that indicates poor quality Meridian energy flow..

  • Poor comprehension
  • Poor concentration
  • Difficulty following verbal instructions
  • Low reading, writing or math skills
  • Lack of coordination
  • Mental confusion
  • Mental outbursts; anger
  • Tight muscles or restricted muscle movement pain
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low self-worth
  • Feel you are the victim
  • Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

And the list goes on and on So what can Stress To Vitality Training do for you?


Some of the health benefits:

By increasing your chi flow that increases energy and chi power to your nervous system resulting in a happier you as well as many health benefits to you!